• CCM was a very fun yet informative event. My first time there and I enjoyed every bit of it. I'll definitely be there next year.

    Shevenese Lewis
  • CCM was an amazing experience!! I felt very welcomed and I gained alot of knowledge about that industry. I will continue to attend these classes to network and meet new wonderful individuals. I walked in unsure if I wanted to continue plus size modeling. I was discouraged due to so many things. Leaving the class I gained more confidence and realized plus size modeling is what I want and love to do. Thank you for having me and giving me the motivation and courage again!!!

    Shannon Harriott
  • I enjoyed the event and felt immediately welcomed. The presenters were excellent and shared a lot of information. I made new friendships and walked away with a new confidence.

    Sandra Williams
  • Curves, Class and Memosas event is such an amazing experience, that it would be absolutely unfortunate to miss out. There is so much to gain such as insight, opportunity and not to mention a place to uplift eachother in a room full of phenomenal women... and memosas! Not to mention the Influencer herself, wow! I cant wait for the next event!

    Lamour Nugent
  • It was an honour & pleasure to be one of the guest speaker's at the 2018 edition of CC&M. Tessenie & her team's hard work, dedication and passion to put on a memorable event didn't go unnoticed. I was very appreciative to use the event as a platform to speak and share my personal experiences/expertise in PR, Branding & Networking. It was also great to connect with such inspiring attendees who all helped to make my experience pleasent. I loved the Mimosa's & goodies in my swag bag too. If you missed out- you better be at the next event!

    Erika Enyolu President and Founder PR DIVA Communications
  • Curves, Class and Mimosas (C.C.M) is the brainchild of Tessenie Mowatt. This event is a must attend and no matter where you are in your growth process, you will leave empowered to empower. C.C.M., is where women are celebrated, minds are stimulated, creativity is welcomed, diversity is present, an environment where there are opportunities for collaboration and networking, barriers are broken, body positivity is fostered, mindsets are changed, embracing your passion is encouraged, always dream big-start small, work hard at what you love and success will follow, seek out mentors in the respective field you aspire to grow in, dispelling the fear of the unknown, stepping out of that place called ‘familiar’ and so much more... You will laugh a lot, have lots of fun - and thoroughly enjoy every moment. In a world where ‘it’s all about me’ syndrome is perpetuated, it is truly refreshing to see and hear women in various fields sharing their stories... “Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Until all are taught.” Mark Victor Hansen Thanks for creating this platform for women to have a safe place to share their stories and be encouraged to strive for more!!! Thanks for being a trailblazer!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!

    Georgiana 'Genie' Collington
  • Photographer and Blogger Rebecca Northcott Photograph': Attending CCM has been such a blessing, I learned such valuable information which gave me the confidence in my abilities and inspired me to set a plan in motion with things such a media kit, networking, websites and PR. I loved learning from all these strong women who made me feel like I have the power to do anything. Thank you so much!

    Rebecca Northcott
  • I absolutely love Curves, Class, and Mimosas! Not only is it informative and educational, it's also fun and uplifting. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are there to learn and make connections is so refreshing. Professionals and beginners alike can learn - I've been modelling for the past few years and thought I knew most of what I needed to. But I learnt so much! It was a relaxing, fun atmosphere and everyone was very open and sweet. I truly look forward to attending next year's class!

    Kaity Wuebbolt
  • I went to a Curves, Class and Mimosas evet with no expectations. I left with a different view of beauty and self love. Thank you so much CCM! Please keep up the good work we more spaces like this where women can go and leave uplifted and empowered.

    Chinue Bute
  • Curves, Class and Mimosas is what I believe is an innovative event created to answer all the hidden secrets of the industry. It’s a wonderful opportunity to stir up conversations, answer questions and expand and share knowledge about everything you want to know regarding fashion, growing a brand, modeling and much more. When I started my journey over a decade ago there wasn’t much information available to me. I had to stumble many times before understanding what it is I was actually doing. I am grateful to the ccm Brand for gifting me the opportunity to be a 2x presentor. I strongly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to just get started and comect. Looking forward to more.

    Annika Reid Stylish Apparel / Fashion Blogger and Entrepreneur
  • Fab Four Fashion has the pleasure of speaking at the Curves, Class and Mimosas event and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The event was very well run and the location was sophisticated, accessible (for those who are differently abled) and well located !!!

    Gail Thompson Fab Four Fashion / Co-Founder
  • I was pleased to attend the Curves,Class and Mimosas as a guest panelist. We had a pleasant, informative and meaningful session with the models and some fashion influencers. The event was well set in an intimate way. I believe all attendees were comfortable in this space. Fashion Industry needs more of this type of events to provide tools an skills to aspiring talent. Well done to the organizers.

    Malia Indigo Founder & CEO

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